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Rajesh Mohapatra, President
Message from President’s desk:-

Rajesh Mohapatra, President

Karl Marx said “When an ideology possesses the common man, it acts a powerful weapon of social transformation.” The Co-operative venture was based on this principle and the Co-operative movement in our state was the Brain Child of Utkal Gourab Madhusudan Das who has started Consumer Co-operative at Cuttack in the year 1898. There after the Co-operative Credit Structure took birth in the year 1903 at BANKI and now it has spread all over the whole state. The growth of Co-operative sector basically depends upon the self reliant spontaneous, strong and vibrant actions of the leaders in front with utmost honesty, dignity and commitment as majority of the members are less associated and conversant with the functioning being predominated by a particular group. As a co-operator I have come across so many odds & evens and therefore I do welcome all the co-operators to lead the co-operative movement of the state with a dedicated commitment and request the members to enjoin the movement with responsiveness.
The dream, I have seen to prove this Bank as an example for others getting schedule status and to the best of my effort, I must shorten the time gap to have it with an oath to achieve the eligibility requirements and for which I solicit the co-operation, blessings, supports and well wishes of all concerns in general and the members in particular.

R K Mishra, CEO
Message from C.E.O.’s desk:-

R K Mishra, CEO

During eighties, amidst the growing unemployment and recessionary trends in the economy, the gap between rich & poor, the haves & haven’t has widened and the youth mass have looked upon the government employment as the only succor. The private sectors have not expanded as well, as it has hiked today. After Bank nationalization the common corridor was open for the small groups but a common man still was in fear & feeling it as a day-dream. Against this bleak scenario, the concept of common man bank in a co-operative venture in own locality conceived in the minds of the promoters namely Sri Gurupada Nanda & Late Bhagirathi Nayak and many others. And thereby the Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd, Rourkela was born. This baby in the co-operative banking fraternity now become a leading co-operative bank of the state and proved it as a bank for common man. As I foresee, I can boldly say that this Bank will also continue to be the best among all for all the days to come.

Our Vision

  • Trend setter in co-operative banking sector of the state
  • Class service to the masses
  • Provide services at door-steps
  • Leverage technology to the foremost
  • Partner in progress of state economy & nation building

Our Mission

  • Inclusion of people of poor strata to the co-operative fraternity
  • Abridge un-banked pockets on banking service
  • Uplift the poor class for income generation
  • Create awareness on banking , thrift , savings & venture on common efforts
  • Prove reality of the proverb “ each for all & all for each “


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